About Us


Our vision:

High-quality education for life in traditional and contemporary arts practices, as the creative catalyst for personal, professional and cultural transformation.

Our ethos:

Places the aspirations and support needs of every student at the very heart of our creative enterprise.

Our purpose:

As an independent specialist Art Institute since 2002 is to provide a distinctive, innovative and supportive learning community in contemporary arts practice; to add value to the cultural, social and economic life of people interested in Art.; We wish to develop our distinctive profile of our work nationally and internationally.

Our values:

We believe in the centrality of the arts to social value, culture, community, welfare, and prosperity.

We uphold the primary significance of learning through practice and participation for individual development, transformation and fulfilment.

We see our "Talent Zone Kits" as a crucible, or laboratory, for artistic experiment, exchange, entrepreneurship and innovation, and for new thinking, in the service of our wider communities.

We value and invite purposeful, mutual partnerships with educational institutes, hobby schools, entepreneurs and artists.;

We celebrate social and cultural diversity and encourage engagement with the community and cross-cultural dimensions of learning in local, regional, national and international contexts.

We respect our environment, and have a strong commitment to sustainable practice.


We aspire to the highest standards of traditional and contemporary art practice and achievement.



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